Saturday, December 15, 2012


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A search for gold, gold placersgold lodes, veins, shear zones, and old mining districts. About prospectors and other interesting people. How to find gold, where to find gold, how to pan for goldgemstones found with gold in your pan, and more. 

Finding the Mother Lode in Alaska

Lost Dutchman gold preserved in matchbox

The Gem and Gold Hunter searching for gold in Wyoming, 2012
Visible gold in milky quartz vein
Placer gold from Dickie Springs, Wyoming (photo courtesy of Dr. J.D. Love)

Searching for gold at 350 feet deep in the Carissa Mine.

Searching for gold in the Giant King Mine, California

Seaching for gold at Gleeson, Arizona
Gold at the Resolution mine, Arizona
Discovery of a new gold district in Wyoming similar to Cripple Creek, Colorado

Gold at Oatman Arizona

Superstition Mountains, Home of the Lost Dutchman gold mine, Arizona.

The Lost Dutchman mine?

San Juan Mountains gold, Colorado
The Duncan gold mine, Wyoming
Carissa mine, Wyoming

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